County EDC Talks Economic Development

September 28th, 2017

Written by: Cherryland

Co-op Energy Talk

The Grand Traverse area attracts all types of people: tourists, foodies, outdoorsmen, even celebrities. But what about business owners? In this episode, we sat down with members of the recently configured Grand Traverse County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) board and discussed the opportunities and challenges to growing, retaining, and expanding businesses in our region.

Featuring: Warren Call, Regional Manager of The Private Bank at Huntington National Bank; Mike Naughton, Lawyer and Partner at North Coast Legal; Jessica Sullivan, Vice President of the Hagerty Group Office at Hagerty

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One thought on “County EDC Talks Economic Development”

  1. Pam Mork says:

    This is all well and good. We understand the need to cover the cost of providing service. However, what we are not seeing is good internet service and/or high speed internet. I think the general public would be more tolerate to a rate increase if it included updated internet service. I am going to have to stop using my email address. More and more servers are rejecting it.