Facebook Privacy Policy

This general privacy policy published by Cherryland Electric Cooperative applies to content provided by, and your use of, Facebook through CherrylandElectric.coop. As a registered Facebook user, you are also subject to Facebook’s privacy policy. Please check your Facebook account privacy settings for further information.

Collecting information about you:

  1. We do our utmost to protect user privacy through the appropriate use of security technology.
  2. We will respect your privacy and only collect and use individual user details were we have legitimate business reasons and are legally entitled to do so.
  3. We will be transparent in our dealings with you as to what information about you we collect and how we will use that information.
  4. We will use personal data only for the purpose(s) for which they were originally collected and will ensure that all personal data are securely disposed of.

Sharing your information:

When you submit questions or comments to us through Facebook via our website, you will be asked to log in to Facebook. If you choose to post content, this may be accessible by your Facebook friends, depending on your privacy settings. By posting comments via our Facebook integration, you will be agreeing to share your Facebook user details (including your user name and profile picture) with Cherryland Electric Cooperative.

If you decide not to log in to Facebook, you will not be able to use the Facebook integration on CherrylandElectric.coop. You can still submit questions and comments by contacting us via our other communications channels.