Energy Efficiency

Free Home Energy Assessments

Have you thought about how to use less energy, but aren’t quite sure where to start? How about with a free home energy assessment?

Yep, you read that right—our home energy assessments are absolutely free. One of the first steps is for you to chat with an energy use advisor. They will help you identify your current usage patterns and make suggestions for improvement.

If we need to do an in-home assessment to solve your issue, we don’t hire contractors or subcontractors to come out to your house. We send one of our own experts. So when we get there, our only agenda is to help you save energy. We won’t pressure you into buying an expensive upgrade—we’ll just give you honest advice.

During your assessment, we might use a thermal-imaging camera to pinpoint exactly where you’re losing energy, whether it’s a doorframe, windowsill, or a spot in your basement you might not think to check. We’ll also make suggestions for lighting and other equipment, and we’ll show you how to use your SmartHub app to track your energy usage in real-time. Contact our member services department at (231) 486-9200 to get started!

Residential Rebates

Rebate Type Amount
LED Bulbs (when replacing incandescent bulbs) $3-$15
Clothes Washer (with electric water heater) $20
Clothes Dryer (electric) $20
Dehumidifier $20
Refrigerator $20
Freezer $20
TVs (21" or greater; Limit 5) $20
Smart/WiFi Thermostat (limit 1, A/C required) $20
HVAC with Electronically Commuted Motor (ECM) $50
HVAC Mini-Split System  (SEER rating > 21) $100
Heat Pump Water Heater  (EF > 2.0) $100
Air-to-Air Heat Pump (HSPF rating > 8.0; SEER rating > 15.0) $150
Ground Water Heat Pump (EER rating > 17.0) $200
Solar PV Panels (per kW) $90
RECYCLING: Refrigerator/Freezer (Free pickup available) $20
RECYCLING: Dehumidifier (Clean Up Green Up event only) $15
All appliances must be Energy Star rated to qualify for rebates.
Completed applications for residential rebates with copies of receipts/invoice attached must be submitted within 30 days of purchase on qualifying energy star appliances. Residential and commercial project rebate cap is $15,000 per membership. Funds are limited and other restrictions may apply.

Questions? Take a look at our Residential Rebate Guide for a list of commonly asked questions.

For additional information, please contact us at (231) 486-9200.


Capital Credit & Rebates

Sometimes good things come to those who don’t wait. When you make energy efficiency upgrades, you can tap into your capital credits account to get additional rebates.

Here’s how it works. You decide to make your home more efficient—maybe by upgrading your light bulbs to LEDs or by replacing old inefficient appliances. You’re already eligible to receive rebates from us. But if you want to double or even triple your rebate amount, you can ask us to access your capital credit account early. If you have enough funds available, we’ll let you have it at a discounted rate.

It’s that simple. And, that’s just another benefit of co-op membership.

Energy-Saving Tips & Tricks

Most people have heard about switching to LED light bulbs, and they know to turn off their electronics when not in use. But studies have shown that the absolute best thing you can do for your home is to seal any leaks.

You’d be surprised how much energy you’re losing through cracks that aren’t weather-stripped, ducts that aren’t sealed, gaps that aren’t caulked and attics that aren’t insulated as well as they could be. Doing these simple upgrades can save you as much as 20% off your next bill!

Here are some other hot energy-saving tips:

7 Degrees Makes the Difference

Adjusting your air conditioner or thermostat 7 degrees can save you 25% off your cooling or heating costs

Insulate Pipes and Your Water Heater

Wrapping insulation blankets around your pipes and hot water heater can shave 10% off your bill

Energy-Saving Resources

Track your monthly usage patterns by logging in to your account.

Read our guide on 101 Ways to Save Energy and start watching your bottom line get smaller!

Find out where to recycle your used CFL bulbs at Earth 911.

See an informative, interactive guide on all things energy efficiency at TogetherWeSave.com

Commercial Rebate Program

As a valued commercial member we customize our rebates to the needs of your business. You are eligible to receive rebates up to $15,000 per project for eligible energy efficiency upgrades. Some restrictions may apply and funds are limited. Your savings will continue for years to come thanks to the reduced energy consumption of your new high-efficiency equipment. Please contact our office before beginning your project, frequently a pre- and post-inspection is required. If you would like to apply for a rebate please contact Tammy Squires at (231) 486-9261 or rebates@cherrylandelectric.coop for your customized rebate quote.