Clean Energy

At Cherryland, we know what we do best. And that’s deliver affordable power right to your doorstep. We are a distribution cooperative. Our main job is to maintain the system that moves power from substations within our territory to the 34,000 meters that serve our members.

Where our Energy Comes From

When it comes to generating and transmitting power across the state, we leave that to the experts at Wolverine Power Supply Cooperative.

The experts at Wolverine generate power and purchase power through contracts with other utilities. They then transmit that power across a vast electrical grid to the substations that serve each of their distribution members. Their collective brainpower ensures that we have a good balance in our power supply so we can continue to provide our members with affordable, reliable power.

View Cherryland’s Fuel Mix and Emissions Data and Renewable Energy Annual Report.

Wolverine is a cooperative just like Cherryland. They are owned by several distribution cooperatives around Michigan. The Wolverine board of directors is comprised of representatives from the distribution co-ops. That means two of the directors you elect to represent you on Cherryland’s board also represent your interests on the Wolverine board.

Our Energy Portfolio

Cherryland is a leader in the industry and in our community because we take action. In 1938 northern Michigan needed someone to bring electricity to rural homes. Cherryland didn’t wait for someone else to solve the problem; we did it ourselves.

As we embarked on the 21st century, our members were interested in renewable energy sources like solar and wind. Did we just sit on the sidelines? No, we took action.

Today, Cherryland has one of the largest renewable energy portfolios in the state, getting over 18% of our energy from clean, renewable sources. And it continues to grow. From Michigan’s first utility-scale wind farm to Michigan’s first community solar array, we are committed to finding innovative ways to source energy that is not only renewable, but also reliable and cost-efficient.


It’s not just Cherryland that can take action. You, the member, can directly support bringing more solar energy to the cooperative. Check out the three programs we offer that get you supporting solar firsthand.

Community Solar

Think of community solar as a way to have the benefits of rooftop solar – without solar panels on your rooftop.

How does it work?
You purchase a panel subscription (or ten!) to the SpartanSolar community array and receive bill credits for your share of the solar array’s output. A panel subscription costs either $600 up-front or $10 per month for five years. In return for your subscription, you will receive $0.10 per kWh on your monthly bill for the panel’s output. The subscription lasts for 15 years with the option to cancel at anytime.

As an added bonus, you can receive a $50 rebate per panel subscription (limit 10 panels) if you pay for it up-front! Rebates are nonrefundable in the event you cancel your subscription.

Why choose community solar?
No panels to install, no system to maintain, no hassle. Of the three programs, community solar is the most affordable.

Interested in community solar?
Visit SpartanSolar’s website to learn more about community solar and to apply for a panel subscription.

Buy-All Sell-All

Buy-all sell-all is the straightforward, no-frills way of getting into solar. Install a system and sell us the electricity it produces. Plain and simple.

How does it work?
You install a system (maximum 1 MW in size) on your property. We buy any electricity the system generates at $0.10 per kWh. The agreement lasts for 20 years.

Installing solar panels does qualify for a rebate under our Energy SAVER rebate program.

Why choose buy-all sell-all?
With this option, you are a true energy supplier to your utility. And if your dream is to generate enough energy to cover your annual usage, buy-all sell-all will give you the best chance.

Interested in buy-all sell-all?
Find the interconnection standards and application for our buy-all sell-all program here.

Net Metering

A member-solar generation classic! Offset your energy usage with your own electric generation.

How does it work?
After you complete the installation of a solar generation system, we’ll install a special two-way meter that records how much electricity you use and how much you are putting on the grid. Anything you use in your home is offset at the retail rate. If you use more than you produce, you will be billed for your usage. If you produce more than you use, a credit of $0.056 per kWh will be placed on your bill for the excess. The agreement lasts for 10 years.

Installing solar panels does qualify for a rebate under our Energy SAVER rebate program.

Why choose net metering?
Net metering allows you to not only generate clean energy, but also use it! You get to enjoy the fruits of your system’s labor.

Interested in net-metering?
Find the interconnection standards and application for our net-metering program here.

Michigan's First Community Solar Project

Our current solar offerings are not the only time members have played a part in solar energy at the cooperative. The first time Cherryland partnered with its members to promote solar was in 2013 when they formed the Solar Up North (SUN) Alliance. SUN was created in the same spirit that drove the creation of Cherryland in 1938: when something like solar energy is out of reach for our members, we do something about it. The overwhelming success of that partnership led to the construction of Michigan’s first community solar array. You can see the continued success of that partnership in the amount of energy the array is producing below.


Cherryland started getting its wind energy supply in 2007 from the Harvest Wind Farm. Located in Michigan’s thumb, this 3,200-acre project was the first commercial wind farm in the state.

Fast forward to 2016 when our wind energy supply was greatly stepped up by the Deerfield Wind Farm, a whopping 20,000-acre project also located in the Thumb. This addition more than quadrupled the wind energy in our portfolio!

Wolverine Power Supply Cooperative (co-owned by Cherryland) generates energy from these wind turbines and transmits some to us, and a few other cooperatives in the state. Then we distribute it to our members.

And we aren’t stopping here! We are always looking for new opportunities to add more wind to our energy portfolio.

Interested in getting into wind? We offer the exact same buy-all sell-all and net metering programs as solar for wind generation.